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Board Certified MD and Psychiatrist in Scottsdale, AZ

About Dr Goble and Psychiatry of Scottsdale

She believes that each of us can live a fulfilling and productive life if we can get help to work through the issues and trauma from the past.

She works in concert with her patients to investigate their backgrounds and to apply evidence-based medical knowledge. She also collaborates with practitioners in other medical disciplines to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

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A Personal Message from Dr Goble

During these stressful times, I understand the need for compassion and support, as well as hope and encouragement.

dr-ladan-goble-susan-casper-sonoran-living-500x280As a Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist living in Scottsdale, I want to continue providing the best care that I can to all of my patients, offering good advice and helpful information.

It is important to all of us to have a healthy self-esteem and a positive quality of life.
Learning how to handle life’s challenges, reduce stress, and pursue activities that restore and comfort are important to our mental health.

I can assist you by providing the education and support you need to achieve or maintain healthy behaviors in your daily life and relationships.

Acknowledging your worth, value, and the significant contribution you are making in your daily life are also essential to enjoying your life.

Our goal will be to help you identify and overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from appreciating yourself or your life.

If you live in Arizona and are seeking support or guidance on any of these issues, please consider contacting me for a consultation at 480-661-3877

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Medication or Therapy … or Both? 

We know that there can be some benefit to the use of psychiatric drugs to treat a variety of mental health conditions.

A white pill being held in the palm of a hand.

Dr. Goble works with patients in her Scottsdale office to assess and evaluate the need for medication.

She also teaches self-regulating techniques so that drug use may be reduced or eliminated.

Most commonly, Dr. Goble provides medication to alleviate physical symptoms, while providing individual therapy.

Your treatment options are determined by individual needs and desires.

Medication can provide relief from the physical effects of emotional and behavioral health problems (i.e., sleeplessness, nervousness, appetite disturbances).

Therapy can help identify root causes of problems AND help change thought patterns and behaviors.

Dr. Goble has developed an expertise in balancing the use of medicine and therapy.

My Philosophy:

From the time a person is born, many factors are influencing an individual’s development.

Nature vs nurture - child holding an adults hand.

Nature vs Nurture

A person’s genetics and the environment in which they live are involved in this process.

These factors which are referred to as ‘nature and nurture’, both play significant roles in how a person grows to understand themselves and their world.

Until an individual reaches developmental maturation or adulthood, they have limited capacity to understand themselves or their environment.

They are greatly dependent upon and influenced by the parents or caregivers in their lives.

How You View Yourself, Maturity with Grace

Over time, these factors affect the way an individual ‘perceives’ themselves and the world in which they live.

In order to enjoy the benefits that accompany a good quality of life, a person must develop the maturity to make wise choices, maximizing benefit and minimizing harm, both to self and others.

Children require help from parents or caregivers to learn the necessary skills to achieve developmental maturity.

The adults in their lives must model healthy thought patterns and behaviors in order for them to learn how to accomplish these goals.

In cases where this may not be attainable, due to severe medical or mental health conditions, challenging circumstances, etc., support from behavioral health professionals or adult caregivers will be necessary.

With the proper amount of love, support and guidance, a person can grow to become a mature person with a healthy sense of self and a healthy outlook on life.

These are essential factors to enjoying a positive quality of life and it is NEVER too late to learn!

My Mission:

Man on a mountain top celebrating

  • My mission is to assist you in achieving your goals and pursuing a positive quality of life.
  • My commitment is to offer you a safe, comfortable environment with the attention and understanding you deserve.
  • My goal is to provide you with the highest quality of individualized care.

Together, we will work side-by-side to identify any obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals.

Testimonials - from Anonymous Patients


  • "Dr. Goble saved my life!"

  • "I didn’t feel judged…felt like she truly cared about me."

  • "She puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable."

  • "I appreciated that Dr. Goble spent the time getting to know me, didn’t just put me on medications."

  • "Until I met Dr. Goble, I refused to see a psychiatrist. I was so glad I did after meeting her. She was so easy to talk to, helped me (and my spouse) understand my issues and gave me hope!"

  • "Dr. Goble helped me understand my problems. It alleviated my fears about seeing a Psychiatrist."

  • "Grateful to have found her, she is professional, knowledgeable, and also very approachable."

  • "Dr. Goble gave me my life back. I no longer need medication and have learned to work through issues on my own with the help she gave me."

Do you or someone you know experience:

  • Hopelessness, lack of motivation, negative outlook on self and life? (Depression) 

  • Chronic fear, worry, inability to sleep or relax (Anxiety) 

  • Easily startled, hypervigilant, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks, powerlessness, (PTSD) 

  • Inability to feel better without food, drugs, alcohol, sex, spending money (Addiction) 

  • Difficulty maintaining relationships, at home, work, with friends, have anger issues (Attachment and Personality problems) 

  • Inability to focus, concentrate, organize thoughts, plans, goals and feel like a failure constantly at school, home, work, feel like quitting, giving up (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, ADD/ADHD) 

  • Thoughts of being unattractive, disliking your body, appearance, image, struggle with diet, exercise, never feeling you are ‘good enough’ (Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorder) 

  • Fears about germs, cleanliness, and need to be in control but embarrassed/ashamed if anyone knew (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD) 

  • Feel confused about your identity, gender, relationships, sexuality, inability to find any explanation that is helpful (Identity confusion, Relationship Problems, Personality, and Attachment issues)

  • Doubts of your own worth, value, intelligence, purpose to your life (Self-esteem, Self worth issues)

  • Fears of being social or in public, public humiliation, constantly perceive fault-finding or criticism by others (Social Anxiety)

  • Shame, embarrassment, guilt, or spiritual confusion based on conflicting information from religious leaders (Spiritual Abuse, Narcissism in Religion)

  • Fear being misdiagnosed or judged by seeing a professional provider or doctor (Trust issues, Stigmatization)

These are many of the ‘normal’ concerns people have when they are suffering mentally and emotionally and do not know where to turn for help… Here is how I can help.

Most people do not know that from birth to young adulthood, they are not fully in control or responsible for all the factors that influence the way they think or feel. 

Genetics AND environment (nature and nurture) are highly influential in shaping the mind of a person. Both play a significant role in a person’s development. 

Genetics and Environmental factors shape the way we see ourselves, others, as well as the world in which we live. 

When our perceptions are based on limited information, and not objective facts, we are vulnerable to distorted thinking, which can lead to mental health problems. 

When we begin to understand that certain things were ‘not our fault’ or within our control, we begin to have freedom over shame and guilt.  

Recognizing that we have the ability to change our beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors empowers us.

This is how hope, healing, and freedom can occur!

Does Psychiatry of Scottsdale Accept Insurance?

Dr. Goble is an out-of-network provider and does not contract with any insurance carriers.

Patients seeking to submit a claim with their insurance carrier for out-of-network reimbursement may request the necessary documentation to support the claim.