Why would I need to see a Psychiatrist?

Some people suffer from emotional and physical symptoms without explanations. They may also feel overwhelmed with information that can be confusing or misleading. As a Psychiatrist, Dr. Goble’s background in medicine and mental health can provide explanations to help make educated and informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment.

Do I need medication, therapy or both?

The treatment options are determined by individual needs and desires.  Medication can provide relief from the physical effects of emotional and behavioral health problems (i.e., sleeplessness, nervousness, appetite disturbances). Therapy can help to identify root causes of problems and help change thought patterns and behaviors that may manifest as physical symptoms if left untreated.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment can last from a few weeks to a few years. Most commonly, Dr. Goble provides medication to alleviate physical symptoms, while providing individual therapy. Dr. Goble has found that many of her patients are able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications as they improve.

What type of therapy is right for me?

Some choose therapy to understand themselves or to improve self-worth and self-esteem (insight-oriented, psycho-dynamic- psychoanalytic).

Others may choose therapy to improve their emotional thought process and coping skills (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT) or interpersonal and relationship conflicts (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, DBT).

Dr. Goble assists in finding the type of therapy that is most suitable for each individual.

What happens in the first appointment?

In the initial consultation, Dr. Goble makes every effort to place patients at ease and ask questions in a comfortable manner that will assist in finding a diagnosis and establishing a treatment plan.


Telemedicine is a long distance form of communication and gathering of medical information using video.  It allows doctors and patients to continue many of the same things, like evaluations, managing medications, and therapy without in-person or in-office contact.

What are some benefits of TELEMEDICINE?

Effective: Allows doctor and patient to continue having both verbal and non-verbal communication.
Convenient: No need to commute to the doctor’s office; can avoid traffic or continue treatment when out of town.
Comfortable: Can take place in your preferred setting.
Confidentiality: The ZOOM video-conference application can be downloaded to your computer, phone, iPad and provide you with security and privacy to have a session with your doctor.

What will I need for TELEMEDICINE?

A device with a camera, speaker, and microphone, such as a computer, iPad or a smartphone will be required. In addition, Internet service or Wi-Fi, and an email address for sending ZOOM links will be necessary.


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